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   Workstation software is installed on a networked workstation computer to manage your Centaur
system by multiple operators, simultaneously from different locations and in different languages.

   Workstation software accesses the local access control server where the Centaur Server
Software is installed (Lite, Standard, Professional or Enterprise edition) through a network
connection. Each workstation computer connected to the Centaur Server through a network
must have a Centaur Workstation Pack and/or a FrontView Network edition to provide you
with utilities, such as the Centaur Administration Console, report generation, time and attendance
and a real-time graphic interface..

Centaur 3.1 Workstation Pack

What's new in V3.1: Click here
   With the system's controllers connected to the server computer running a Lite, Standard,
Professional or Enterprise edition of the Centaur software, install a Centaur administration
console on each workstation computer to program, control and monitor your Centaur access
control system by multiple operators, simultaneously at different locations and in different

   The workstation computers communicate with the server computer through a network
either remotely or locally. Each workstation computer requires a Workstation Pack, which is
activated by a valid serial number and a Centaur workstation hardware key.

   The Centaur 3.1 Workstation Pack includes the following: hardware key to unlock
workstation, Centaur Administration Console (user interface to monitor and program access
control system), Pro-Report (with Tracker integrated), FrontCard, FrontGuard, Locator and

Administration Console Features :
• User-friendly interface for programming and monitoring your system Multi-language support
• Multiple sites
• Elevator control
• Online firmware upgrades
• Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition, 2000 and XP Professional
• Distributed processing
• Automatic operator logout
• Flexible alarm and event definitions
• Adaptive polling technology
• Powerful MSDE/SQL server database
• Event buffer limited only by hard disk size

FrontView 3.0 - Network Edition

   FrontView gives you real-time, graphical control over your Centaur access control system. With FrontView, you get instant point-and-click control over doors, relays, inputs, outputs and controllers. Its full alarm management and event-based trigger actions give you virtually unlimited system control possibilities. Fully customizable, FrontView lets you create status icons to monitor your system live. FrontView (Network Edition) is designed to be installed on a workstation and includes a hardware key

• Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition, 2000 and XP Professional
• Import floor plans directly into FrontView
• Unlimited number of floor plans
• Supports high-definition graphics
• Full library of interactive icons
• View, control or zoom into any device or custom object within the protected facility
• Automatic operator logout
• Link any object (input, output, etc.) in your system to a graphical representation
• TCP/IP support
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