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PTS-EX18 EX Sereis Control Panel, 18 Zones

Model : PTS-EX18 EX Sereis
EX Sereis Control Panel, 18 Zones
Single Zone (8+2) Zones
Double Zone(16+2) Zones
  • 18 Zones
  • 2 PGMs
  • 2 Flexible Partitions
  • 3 Panic Buttons on keypad
  • Telephone line supervision
  • 48 User codes + 1 Master Code + 1 Installer Code
  • 256 Event Buffer
  • Upload & Download capability with software
  • Supports 2-wire smoke detectors
  • Master Code Lock (cannot change or delete the Master Code and Code 01)
  • Supports pager reporting
  • 3 Panic Buttons on keypad
  • False alarm prevention package: Intellizone?Auto bypass?Beep on Exit delay ?Programmable
  • report delay and Recent close
  • Alarm relay output( not for EX10)
  • Regular Arm?Stay Arm?Double Stay Arm?Away Arming?One Key Regular Arming?One Key Stay Arming?One Key
  • Double Stay Arming?Timed Auto Arming?Key-switch
  • Arming?Armed by PS1 Bedside Remote Station
  • Programmable Output PGM at 50mA(EX10 has one PGM, EX18 has two). When a specific event or condition occurs in the system, a PGM can be used to activate strobe lights, open/close garage doors and much more. There are over
  • 1,000 events to be programmed. For example, PGM1 can open and close an automatic garage door by pressing
  • keys [1] and [2] simultaneously on the keypad.
  • Maximum 5 keypads can be connected
  • Telephone line supervision
    High speed communication format: 12 formats including Ademco Contact ID(All code), Ademco Contact
  • ID(Programmable code), 4+2, personal dialing
  • 2 Flexible Partitions
  • 256 Event Buffer
  • 48 User codes + 1 Master Code + 1 Installer Code
  • Upload & Download capability with software
  • Battery Charger ?350mA with dynamic battery test
  • Aux. Power ?450 mA for EX10 and 500mA for EX18
  • Siren Output ?3A Fuseless electronic shutdown at 1A, automatic restore
  • AC Input ?AC16.5V, 3A, 50-60HZ
  • PGM Output ?NC or NO to Ground(), max. 50mA
  • Serial Data Output ?(1200, 1, N)for use with additional
  • modules(not UL systems)
  • Metal Case with transformer to be sold separately

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